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Rapid prototyping parts

Toolcast can produce rapid prototyping parts for a short period of time.

Do you have a requirement for production material prototypes in order to validate your new product, present it to your distributors or test it on consumers

Do you need low-volume production parts for a limited edition?

Increase flexibility and added value using our fast manufacturing service!

In 4 to 15 days Toolcast can deliver rapid prototyping parts manufactured from a selection of plastics including (PP, ABS, Nylon 66, POM-C, TPE, etc.) and metals.

  • High quality functional parts: receive a quote within 24 hrs accompanied by a manufacturability analysis based on your CAD model.
  • Select your manufacturing method: 3d printing, injection moulding or CNC manufacturing. We can produce from 1 to 10,000 parts in record time using a fully optimised process combined with an unrivalled production capability and quality
parts manufactured from plastic